Best Attraction This Fall– The Kiwanis Ogeechee Fair!

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  • The giant Burlap Sack Slide was a huge hit for children of any ages who want to have the fastest race of their lives.

  • What better way to enjoy family time than to sit down, cozy up and listen to live music from The Fractions!

  • This acrobat amazes the audience as she twists and twirls using a curtain to swing upside down.

  • Animals are no strangers here! Freshman, Marissa Taylor, smiles with her friends and her new furry friend wanted to join!

  • Thumbs up for these student’s favorite warm and gooey fair food: funnel cakes!

  • The Kiwanis Ogeechee Fair reopens in Statesboro from October 17 though 22 for their 60th anniversary!

  • Glow the night away by purchasing cute light up balloons to carry and take home with you!

  • In the mood for something salty? Try the loaded fries that are steaming hot with cheese, bacon, and any other topping you could imagine!

  • Ride the mechanical bull if you dare, don’t get thrown off and you could win $100 dollars.

  • People test their luck in these coin machines all night trying to win some extra money!

  • World famous K9’s In Flight puts on a show as their animal rescue corgi jumps 18 feet to catch a frisbee over freezing cold water.

  • Love is in the air! Mia and Jordan celebrate their 3 month anniversary tonight at the fairgrounds!

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Carly Kennedy, Photojournalist