Photo Gallery: Armstrong Halloween 2022

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  • Alexandria Caughman as Rapunzel featuring her companion Pascal

  • Brianna Lancaster as Flo from progressive

  • Ayanna Holman showing Gryffindor pride after being selected earlier this year in the Sorting ceremony at Hogwarts

  • A butterfly (Ally Hey), Sully from Monsters Inc (Christina Rodrigues), a witch (Rachel Gibbs), a Dunkie Junkie and a Krusty Krab employee (Ashtyn Harbin) walk into the Student Success Center…

  • Spongebob SquarePants -Season 1 Episode 5a timestamp 5 minutes and 13 seconds

  • Abby Hey as a Butterfly

  • Joshua Hawkins as a vampire

  • Carol Yarley as a Judy gemstone from the HBO original The Righteous Gemstones

  • Danielle Gordon as poison ivy

  • May Crizer as a clown

  • Mackinzey Critzer as Jacksepticeye’s alter ego Marvin the Magnificant

  • Addison Durrence made time for a photo op after stepping out of the music video for “Play with Fire” by Hyunjin

  • Partick Bateman ( Lucy Robbins-Rice) after a night out with their dear friend Paul Allen

  • Dennie smith as a pirate

  • Don’t let Freddy Krueger ( Nova Young ) fool you with this “scary” pose they will still get you when in your dreams. Do not go to sleep.

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