2018-2019 Student Government Association election results

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Matthew Enfinger

President: Jarvis Steele- 1,575 votes

Executive Vice President (Statesboro): Amber Monkou- 1,331 votes

Executive Vice President (Armstrong): Spencer DeMink- 447 votes 

Vice President of Finance (Statesboro): Nyla Hall- 1,158

Vice President of Finance (Armstrong): Yilnette Morales Nunez- 477 votes

Vice President of Academic Affairs (Statesboro): Shawn Miller- 1,561 votes

VIce President of Auxiliary Affairs (Statesboro): Amani Mitchell- 2,357 votes

Vice President of Student Engagement (Statesboro): Elizabeth Jacks- 2.303 votes

Liberty Campus Director: Alejandra Jimenez- 33 votes 

Liberty Campus Assitant Director: No candidate. Will be filled in Fall


College of Arts and Humanities:

  • Albani Berryhill
  • Nailah Mitnaul
  • Peyton Lassig
  • Caryn Coquerel

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences:

  • Kelsey Boyd
  • Adom Abutkum 
  • Anu Morton 
  • Taylor Elkins

College of Business:

  • Kahria Hadley 
  • Alexandra Conarton
  • Kendra Rice 
  • Frederick Smith 

College of Engineering and Computing:

  • Zean Lopez
  • Maurice Ligon
  • Jon Wedemeier
  • Jacob Sapp

College of Science and Mathematics:

  • Lauryn-Ashley Demby
  • Ukpongson Uwan 
  • Klaishon Fambrough 
  • Versace Nicolls

Senators At-large (Statesboro):

  • Alana Bray 
  • Tinashe Chitiyo 
  • KeyShawn Housey 
  • Dantrell Maeweather 
  • Christian Hamby 
  • Blaine Gainey 
  • Quanikqua Moultrie 
  • Mackenzie Strickland

College of Graduate Studies: 

No candidates. Positions will be filled in the Fall.

College of Education: 

  • Frances Goodman 
  • Chaienne Tucker
  • Two remaining positions will be filled in the Fall. 

College of Health Professions: 

  • Danielle Cohen 
  • Nicholas Wright 
  • Alysia Williams 
  • Mackenzie Bunton 

College of Public Health: 

  • Samuel Olusanya 
  • Three remain positions will be filled in the Fall.

Senator – At-large (Armstrong): 

  • Megan Evans 
  • Arnetta Harris 
  • Binh Hoang 
  • Alex Spencer 
  • Sarah DesLauriers 
  • Charles Breazeale 
  • James Burnett 

Liberty Campus – Counselor

  • Skye Morris 
  • DeMorris McGruder 
  • Travis Boyd 

Every college has four senators, except for senator at large that has eight senators on each campus. All open positions will be filled in the Fall.