GS Lecture Series: Library for Kids International

The Armstrong campus hosted Libraries for Kids International, a Bluffton, South Carolina-based non-profit organization on Thursday, January 26, 2023, as part of its Lecture Series.

Founder Roy Austin originally went to Africa to go on a safari. When he came across the Amboseli Primary and Secondary School in rural Kenya, he found that the government needed school buildings. Although they provide teachers, textbooks, and supplies, they are few and far between. A teacher at the school was asked if they had a library, and she replied, “No, but we would love to have a library” said Austin.

Thus, Libraries For Kids International was born, and together with his Vice Chair, Laura Winkel, and Wanjiku Francis, their Operation Coordinator in Kenya, several thousand books have been shipped. Both enrollment and test scores have skyrocketed. The organization is also looking to expand to several other areas of Africa and then go global.

But that requires funding, so Austin and Winkel implore people to spread the word to get more donations to further their already successful organization. The organization is an IRS-approved non-profit, so any assistance is tax deductible.

The organization also spoke about an upcoming event at Martin Family Park from 5-9 pm in Bluffton on April 22, 2023, known as World Book Day. The event will include dinner and dancing to a band called The Chiggers. Tickets for the event are available on Eventbrite.

For more information on Libraries for Kids International, call 843-597-4826 or email Or you can go to