That ‘90s Show ‘70s Counterparts

How the New Kids Relate to the Old


Anna Beck, Reflector, Managing Editor

That ‘90s Show

The show follows Leia Forman (Eric and Donna’s daughter) as she spends the summer in Point Place with her grandparents and forms a group of friends very similar to the ones her parents had. 


Leia is Eric

Leia very much fills the role of Eric. Not only is she the character whose basement operates as the central hangout, but she is very much the nerd her father was. 

Jay is Donna

Despite being Kelso’s son, Jay is the Donna of the group. He is a bit of a player at first, but turns out to be the boy-next-door, serving as the love interest of Leia.

Gwen is Hyde

Gwen is very much the riot grrrl rebel of the friend group. She is the best friend of Leia, similar to Hyde and Eric’s relationship.

Nate is Kelso

Not the sharpest tool in the shed and constantly making out with his girlfriend, Nate fills the Kelso dynamic in the friend group.

Nikki is Jackie

She’s popular and always making out with her boyfriend. Nikki is a twist on the Jackie role, as she is very school-focused. 

Ozzie is Fez

Ozzie gives out Fez energy by judging others and throwing shade around. He, however, is not mentioned to be a foreign exchange student.


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