Georgia Southern’s Lacrosse Underdog Win Versus Coastal Carolina University

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  • Midfielder, number 23, Dillon Montineri celebrates his phenomenal goal against Coastal Carolina.

  • Teammates, Wesley Sowders hugs number 0, Ben Demchak with joy and excitement in congratulations of their amazing performance against Coastal Carolina University on February 4.

  • Number 99, Johny Stone, pushes and shoves his opponent in order to win a ‘bouncer’ to maintain possession on the field.

  • Players of the lacrosse team take a water break as they sit on the bench talking strategy.

  • Number 28, Stephen Kolb ‘faces off’ against his opponent in order to win possession of the ball.

  • Number 3, Carson Patel cradles the lacrosse ball as he sprints urgently into the attack area to tie up the game.

  • Goalkeeper, Ben Demchak, guards and protects the lacrosse ball from scoring in the back of the net.

  • Georgia Southern Boy’s Lacrosse Team yells and shouts distracting their opponents making them fail to advance.

  • Number 8, Henry Layman passes the ball away from pressure in order to keep possession of the ball.

  • Number 6, Andrew Mallard, chases his opponent from behind, tackling him, causing an overturn of the ball.

  • Teammates huddle together for a timeout ‘pep talk’ to bring their heads back into the game.

  • Number 22, Wesley Sowders, intercepts a pass and races down the field blowing past his opponents.

  • Georgia Southern Lacrosse Team celebrates the game winning goal as Coastal Carolina player kneels in defeat.

  • Team Photographer and Player, Zane Makey, takes photos for his teammates while he takes a break on the sidelines.

  • Georgia Southern Boys Lacrosse Team storms the field tackling their goal keeper after having an unexpected win.

  • This boy’s lacrosse team always comes out decked in the best “True Blue” gear to represent The Eagles strong and proud.

  • Number 15, Ryder Post shakes coaches and players hands showing amazing respect and sportsmanship post game.

  • Lacrosse is no joke! Family, friends, professors, and even dogs came out to support Georgia Southern’s Lacrosse Team.

  • Number, 29, Mike Johnson talks with his brother and father after the game about his performance on the field.

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Carly Kennedy, Photojournalist