Campus Movie Fest announces 2018 winners

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  • The world’s largest student film festival, Campus Movie Fest, announced its winners Wednesday night. 

Shiann Sivell

The winners for the Campus Film Festival were announced Wednesday night.

The world’s largest student film festival gave students a week to create their own videos to compete for awards and prizes. 

Georgia Southern University had a total of 240 participants this year and a submission of 40 films. Out of all submissions, 16 of the films were chosen and shown in four cycles. The judges were anonymous.

The nominated films were as follows:

  • Gator
  • You Should Have Called
  • Twins
  • The Switch
  • Delayed
  • The Scenery
  • Fright
  • Star of the Sea
  • The Last Letter
  • The Auction
  • Not that Guy
  • Watch Out
  • She Sure Is Something
  • Enough
  • It’s a Match
  • #rightmeow/Harrison the Cat

The winners and their film categories are as follows:

Best Performance: Joey Simon for “Star of the Sea”

Silver Tripod Awards

  • Best Director: “She Sure Is Something”
  • Best Cinematography: “Star of the Sea”
  • Best Editing: “Watch Out”

Jury Award

  • “Star of the Sea”
  • “Enough”
  • “Delayed”
  • “Gator”

A glowing achievement

For junior multimedia film and production major Connor Rentz, the night was a success for his tragic love story film Star of the Sea.

“It’s incredibly rewarding,” Rentz said. “I’m happy that I got to work with the people I got to work with.”

Rentz has won Jury Awards three years in a row.

The lead of the film, multimedia film and production graduate Joey Simon, said working on the film was an awarding experience.

“I had to be in super cold water,” Simon said. “I think it definitely paid off. I was aiming for this one.”

An animated piece

Sophomore writing and linguistics major Conner Kirsch submitted the only animated film.

“I was thinking initially I was going to do a live-action film,” Kirsch said. “It was a more fun project to do an animated film. Despite the sleep deprivation and coffee overload, it was fun a fun project to work on.”

During Kirsch’s acceptance speech, he thanked his biggest supporter: his coffee pot.

A tearful acceptance

Senior writing and linguistics Kat Delghingaro was overcome with emotion when her film “Enough” won a Jury Award.

“I’m on top of the moon,” Delghingaro said. “We worked so hard.”

Enough is about a fictionalized school shooting and the movement that follows. Delghingaro and her crew filmed at the GS March for Our Lives for the project.

“We didn’t want to make it too political,” Delghingaro said “We didn’t want to show a school shooting and we didn’t hear the gun shooting.”

All the films and their cast will soon be available on the Campus Movie Fest website.