Mayor Johnson announces his re-election campaign

The 67th mayor of Savannah officially announced his reelection campaign on Monday, Feb. 20th.

Mayor Van R. Johnson informed us of plans he has in place to help college students and young adults in the community.

“I am debuting my Y.A.L.L task force next week– it’s the Young Adults Leading Locally. Savannah is a historical town, but we also want Savannah to be a hip town,” said Mayor Johnson. We have a lot of students that come from all these various universities, and they want to call Savannah home. We want Savannah to be the cool place– we don’t want them to go home.”

The task force has already been selected, with members’ ages ranging from 21 to 35. Mayor Johnson stated that members will provide input on questions such as:

  • How do we make Savannah the place young people hang out?
  • How do we make it art?
  • How do we make it music?

Mayor Johnson focused on the goal of students settling down in Savannah after graduation. He commented, “We [city council] want them, once they have graduated, to be able to find employment here, be able to make their lives here, buy a home here. I think that’s very important.”

Currently, Alderwoman Kesha Gibson-Carter is the only challenger. When asked about his opponent’s claims of being the 68th mayor of Savannah, Mayor Johnson responded with confiednece.

“The fact is, I can only be the 67th mayor. So, she can have the next, but she can’t have now. You know, in four years plus, if she or anyone else wants to be the 68th mayor, that’s up to the community to decide. Right now, and hopefully for the next four years and beyond that, I am the 67th mayor.”

The City of Savannah’s Municipal Election will be held Nov. 7th 2023. Continue to check our website for election updates.