UPD arrested GS student for a social media threat made last week

Vanessa Countryman, Editor-in-Chief

What happened: The student’s post indicated that she might hurt herself or others in class if a test didn’t go well. 

  • University Police determined that there was no cause for immediate emergency actions.
  • Police made contact with  the student, who was located off campus on Monday, and referred her to campus officials
  • After seeking a warrant, the student was arrested, on charges of terroristic threats and acts, at her residence without incident on Thursday, March 30.

What’s next: Georgia Southern released that the university “will not hesitate to charge any individual whose behavior or actions unlawfully threaten the life, safety, or health of others. As a reminder, University Police should always be the first call when anyone knows of suspicious or alarming behavior. University Police will send an EAGLE ALERT any time they have information indicating that the University community may be in imminent danger and will include directives to the campus community on what steps to take next.”