Walk a mile in her shoes


Nazahria East, Correspondent

The “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” fundraiser will soon take on a new name to support gender equality. 

The event’s purpose is to have individuals, usually male identified, in red pumps to walk a mile to gain a new perspective of what it is like to be in another person’s shoes.

Why it matters: “Her is very gender specific, it started out as a men’s march but the more people that participate may be non-binary or female identified,” said Brandi Mcgee, the event coordinator.

What’s next: “Next year we’re gonna do a more inclusive event, but we’re still working on the rebranding,” said Mcgee. “But preliminarily it will be something along the lines of ‘The Teal Heel Walk’ because teal is the sexual assault prevention color.” 

Here’s what students said: 

  • “Ignorance is a big hindrance for a lot of people not educated on this topic,” said Colton Tinsley, a student. “So being able to spread the word at this event to inform people about the issue is very important.”
  • “Sexual assault is an issue that I take to heart,” said Zachery Harrington, a student. “A lot of people don’t consider it or speak out about it and I feel like there needs to be more awareness on the topic and more comfortability and awareness about this.”