Hendley Properties is a family-run business who have been serving Statesboro, Georgia since 1968.

De’Ondre Harris

Owner Ginny Hendley explained how her father Ray Hendley pioneered Hendley Properties. 


“Hendley Properties started in 1968 long before I was born and back then we were one of the only places people had to live in Statesboro. We started a lot with student living and it has turned into more professional living as well we are one of the largest professional housing places here too. Ultimately it all goes down to the students almost 80% of our properties are rented to students and I have a passion for the students here and a passion for Statesboro, we love our students we love GSU and Ogeechee,” said Ginny Hendley, property manager of Hendley Properties. 


Hendley Properties prides itself on not only serving young professionals and families but also making it easy for Georgia Southern students to find housing. 


“I chose Planters Row because I wanted a house where I could feel at home and very family oriented and also had friends who lived here and that too made me feel very welcomed,” said McKenzie Knight, Planters Row resident.


Hendley Properties recently just celebrated 55 years with over 400 units including student-living residences such as Planters Row, Hawthorne Court, and West Gentilly.