Know your pool rules


Blake Williams, Correspondent

Apartment complexes are enforcing rules and regulations after pool overcrowding issues.

What happened: Over a month ago, a video on social media surfaced of a huge crowd of people at one of the local apartment pools. 

  • In this video, there was an alleged fight and unconfirmed rumors that a gun was pulled, leading the whole crowd to disperse.

Why it matters: While residents tend to overlook the rules at a pool, here is a list of apartment complexes and their pool regulations:

  • Axis Student Living are allowed 2 guests per apartment and need their resident wristbands.
  • The Vault is allowing no more than 50 people at the pool.
  • The Hudson allows 2 guests per resident and residents need their wristbands. 
  • The George allows 4 per resident and a 60 person limit.
  • Copper Beach allows 2 guests per resident and residents need keycards.
  • Cambridge- allows 2 guests per apartment and residents need keycards.

Here’s what people at the pools have to say:

  • “I’ve never had a problem with the people coming out here and swimming, I’m always just here for the sun,” said Kameron W., at the Vault pool. 
  • “The pool at the islands is usually calm but I know of some complexes that are definitely crowded, like Cottage Row,” said Madison M., a resident of the Islands.
  • “I’ve seen videos of big crowds at other pools, but not here,” said Colby T., at the Vault pool. “I know there was a cooler diving thing going on at one of the pools around here.”

Here’s what some of the apartments had to say: 

  • “No, we haven’t had a problem with overcrowding at our pool, but are aware other places are having issues,” said Emma from Axis Student Living.
  • “We have heard of overcrowding, but here we don’t have that issue,” said Katherine from The Hudson. “If we see that it may become a problem, we close the pool down.”
  • As most of these overcrowding incidents happened at Cottage Row, also known as Aspen, this apartment complex refused to speak on the matter. 

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