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The student led, student read news organization at Georgia Southern University

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The student led, student read news organization at Georgia Southern University

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10 Facts You May Not Know About National Suicide Prevention Month


Mental health advocates, survivors, and allies encourage everyone to unite together to promote advocacy for suicide prevention awareness throughout the month of September. 


Here are ten facts that will help you know more about Suicide Prevention Month:


1. #BeThe1To is the official hashtag supporting the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline’s message for National Suicide Prevention Month. This is a place where people can share their own stories regarding suicide and spread the word on what we can do to prevent it.

2. Findings suggest acknowledging and talking about suicide may reduce rather than increase suicidal ideation. It is important to be there for someone who may have thoughts of suicide; show them they aren’t alone and talk about suicide with them openly.

3. People tend to feel relief from thoughts of suicide after someone asks them about their feelings in a caring way. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends how they are doing once in a while.

4. Try and be there for your friends. Sometimes they may just need company or a distraction from their own thoughts. Showing them know you are there for them, makes individuals feel more comfortable reaching out when they need help.

5. Keep your friends safe. Try and remove any means that could cause harm from where you live and set them in a safe space. Keeping weapons away and less accessible will distract those from thinking about harm.

6. Finding a network of people that can help you or has similar obstacles as you is very helpful. This will create an encouraging environment for you to reach out and take steps away from feeling hopeless and provide ways of healthy coping mechanisms.

7. If you cannot afford a weekly therapist, find a friend who you can continuously follow up with and open up with your thoughts and feelings. It is scary at first, but the more times you have this repetitive positive contact, eventually your outlook on life will be more positive.

8. Open your perspective regarding suicide. Try and see suicide as a public health issue, not a crime. Don’t punish people who have attempted.

9. Risk factors and warning signs are different. Risk factors are factors that make it more likely that someone will consider, attempt, or die by suicide. Warning signs may help you determine if a loved one is seriously considering suicide; if the behavior is new, has increased, or seems related to a painful event, loss, or change call a Lifeline immediately.

10. World Suicide Prevention Day is September 10. On this day everyone is encouraged to wear the colors orange and yellow to symbolize the World Suicide Prevention Day ribbon.



We can all prevent suicide. Lifeline. (n.d.). 


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