Georgia Southern remembers student Bradley Frietas

Matthew Enfinger

Georgia Southern University mourns the passing of student Bradley Frietas who was found dead in his dorm at Freedom’s Landing on Thursday night.

Frietas was 22-years old and was a senior political science major at GS.

Those who knew Frietas, both on and off campus, remembered him as a good soul, a thoughtful person and a friend to all.

Kara Franklin, freshman nursing major, said that as a new student at GS, Frietas was there for her.

“I just got here this past semester and he was my brother’s roommate, so I didn’t really have many friends when I first got here and we just kind of clicked,” Franklin said. “He ended up being one of my best friends.”

Franklin said that her brother, Zack Franklin, and Frietas would have game nights at their house at least twice a week and the two would sit on his back porch just to talk.

“He really wanted to know about my life and everything that I’m going through,” Franklin said. “Anytime I was feeling sad, anytime anything bad was going on in my life, he was the first person to call me.”

Natalie Warner was friends with Frietas since she was six years old and met him in first grade.

“He loved to bake, I don’t know if a lot of people knew that about him, but when I was younger he used to come over to my house…he used to come over after school and we would bake together with my family and he knew how to make this really good red velvet cake without any red dye because I’m allergic to it,” Warner said.

Warner said that she was shocked at the news of Frietas death.

Lindsay Futch, senior journalism major, shared her thoughts and memories of her friendship with Frietas when the two attended Decatur High School.

{{tncms-inline content=”<p>"Bradley was someone who was friends with everyone and was just so sweet and was there for you if you needed him," Futch said. "And I say that he was friends with everyone because we all knew how funny and smart and sweet he was."</p>” id=”c5588c8d-0d6e-476e-89b5-d20f87d4303f” style-type=”quote” title=”Pull Quote 1″ type=”relcontent”}}

Futch said when she received the saddening news this morning that she was heartbroken.

“We always wish we could be there for other people that we were close with,” Futch said. “So, I just wish I could have been there for him during that time.”

Although Frietas was a GS student, an official University memorial has not been planned at this time.

Patrice Buckner Jackson, associate vice president and dean of student services, said in an email, “We will support any student(s) or student organization who would like to host a vigil in Bradley’s memory.”

Brendan Ward contributed to this article. 

Matthew Enfinger, The George-Anne News Editor,