Five Suggested Responses to Your Nosy Family at Thanksgiving

Women’s Tennis

The women’s tennis team opened their fall season here in Statesboro by hosting the Georgia Southern Invitational. After a successful, undefeated Friday in singles play, it was junior Emilia Bujan who went all the way to the finals.

It was a great weekend for Bujan who ultimately fell just short losing to her opponent from Troy. The Eagles will travel to Macon this weekend for the Mercer Fall Invite.

Women’s Soccer

The Eagles hosted South Alabama Friday night and then Arkansas State Sunday afternoon. GS played tough with the defending Sun Belt champions in the first half, but the Jaguars of South Alabama played very strong in the second half winning 4-0.

Full recap of Friday’s game here.

Sunday’s match against the Red Wolves was much more competitive as the Eagles won 2-1. It was sophomore forward Frida Brattum’s two first half goals that were the difference in this Sun Belt match. The Eagles who are now 2-3 in conference play will travel to Appalachian State Friday night.


Georgia Southern traveled to both Troy and South Alabama this weekend and went 1-1. In Friday night’s matchup against the Trojans, junior Lauren Reichard and redshirt senior Megan Chevalier both had 11 kills in a 3-0 sweep.

Junior April Luther also finished with 34 assists and three digs. Saturday night’s match was a different story as the Jaguars Swamped the Eagles in a 3-0 sweep against GS.

The Eagles will stay on the road as they play at Coastal Carolina Friday night.

Casey Rohlen

Thanksgiving break is about good food, stuffing yourself, procrastinating on work, and seeing your family. Naturally, you will get some questions that you do not really know the answer to so maybe this guide will help you out.  


When they ask you your plans after graduation, and you have absolutely no idea what you are doing:

 Here are some ideas: “I am leaving my options open right now.” “I am looking into internships and/or graduate schools. I am still just deciding where I am going.” Alternatively, you could go with, “I am waiting to hear back from [insert official sounding job here].”


When you are asked why you don’t have a significant other:

 The “I am keeping my options open” line may work yet again. You could also go with “I am focusing on my school work right now. I do not have time for a boyfriend/girlfriend.” If you are feeling sassy, just tell them how you really feel, “I am going to die alone.”


When they ask about your grades:

 If your grades are not as good as you hoped, I would suggest lying. “My grades are fine. I am thriving. College is great.” You could also go with an answer without really answering, “I am really studying hard, and I expect the best results.”


When they ask what you are majoring in:

 Even if it’s a lie, you can say, “There are a lot of jobs that are looking for people in my major.” You could also say, “I am gaining skills that no other major could offer.” As a last resort, you could plan a small speech of big words and complicated phrases to make you seem smart and like you are learning a lot.


When they ask how you are doing:

 “I am thriving. College is the best time of my life.”


While you may be excited about seeing your family and eating good food, you can be asked some questions you do not want to answer. If none of those responses will work, just stuff your mouth with food and hope that someone brings up politics or something. Oh, don’t forget to give a little thanks too.