How to Get the Most Out of National Coffee Day

Araya Jackson

For a vast majority of us, before we’re able to talk to anyone, start the day, or even function properly, we need that steamy, dreamy, hot cup of Joe (a.k.a our morning coffee). Its heavenly aroma fills your house and nostrils, all the while assuring you that you CAN actually get through the weekday funk.

Here in America we cherish all that this versatile beverage does for us, so it’s no surprise that we dedicated a whole national holiday to it. September 29th is National Coffee Day, so spend the day celebrating the right way!

Here are three ways to get in the spirit and get the most out of this glorious day, and be sure to thank your local barista for the cup of perfection they make for you!


Get After Those Deals

What would be the point in a national holiday if no one recognized it? There’s plenty of small town coffee shops, corporate giants, and even coffee-selling gas stations having deals for the day. Below are three places to go that you can venture to in Statesboro:

  • Dunkin’ Donuts: With the purchase of one medium or large hot coffee, Dunkin’ will give you a second medium hot coffee for free!
  • Krispy Kreme: The hot n’ ready professionals are celebrating all weekend long. From September 29 to October 1, stop by for a free hot or iced cup of coffee. Any size, and no purchase necessary.
  • Keurig: If you prefer a k-cup a day, this deal is for you. Keuring is giving 20% off all pods online at with coupon code ‘CELEBRATE’.


Take a Chance on a New Shop

Sticking to what you know is easy. Be a little adventurous and support your local coffee shops. Shopping locally is always a great way to spread community love. Shops such as Three Tree Coffee Roasters, The Daily Grind, and CAKE Bakery & Cool Beanz Espresso Bar have specialty coffee that is roasted and prepared with the utmost care. It’s currently up in the air if these shops will have any deals, but it’s worth the trip.


Spread the Love

Sure, you can take advantages of all the deals available and get yourself so hyped up on coffee that you don’t sleep for the next two days, but that aftermath crash will quickly make you regret it. Instead, use it to pick one up for a friend, a co-worker, or that cute girl in class. You’ll make someone’s day and you won’t be in any more debt for it since you’ll be getting yours for free.