What NOT to Give

 Graphic courtesy of The University Store

 Graphic courtesy of The University Store

Kristy Daniels

We have all come across that certain time in our life where we want to give someone a gift, but we’re not exactly sure what to give them. The possibilities are endless, but there are just some gifts that are better off on the shelves than in the person’s hands. Here are some gifts that I think should avoid being gifted:

  • Pets. Sure, puppies and kitties are cute and all, but are you sure the person you are giving an animal to is an animal lover? Some people just cannot commit to taking care of a puppy, and most just don’t have the time.
  • A bathroom scale. This could easily come off as an insult. It’s like holding up a sign that says, “Hey! I think you’re fat!”
  • Any weight-loss-related gifts. Anything meant to promote weight loss should probably not be gifted (but it’s a different story when you give a gym junkie protein powder). It’s probably not a good idea to give someone a waist trainer, Insanity DVDs, or an Atkins diet book.
  • Socks. This is a tricky one. Sometimes they’ll appreciate receiving more socks because they lose theirs frequently, but then others might think, “Really? I’m worth a $2 pair of socks?”
  • An erotic novel. Just imagine your friend’s face when he opens his gift in front of his parents to find a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey. (I mean, if your goal was to embarrass him then go for it.)
  • A DVD. It’s 2017; we have Netflix and Hulu now. If it’s a rare, old, classic film then that’s a different story.
  • Souvenirs. They probably don’t care that you went to Peru over the summer and brought back a magnet.

There’re lot more gifts out there that aren’t appropriate to give, or just downright weird (like giving lingerie to your niece. Weird). Just be sure to have the person’s best interest in mind before you give them a present!