If you (re)build it, they will come

Ryan Redding

Just weeks after putting the finishing touches on the new outfield fence, J.I. Clements Stadium reached a new milestone in the stadium that broke ground in 2004. The revamped stadium now has a new attendance record to boast: 3,435.

This Saturday game against the Georgia Bulldogs had a house so full it would have made Danny Tanner proud. There were many standing to avoid being too cramped in the stadium that holds 3,500.

Floating all around social media, the hashtag #packthepark hit many screens days before the game. This was done in an attempt to beat the old record of 3,258, and the stunt obviously paid off.

Although the Eagles lost to the University of Georgia 7-0, the audience was still fortunate to see Logan Baldwin make a Sports Center Top 10 catch in center field. All in attendance, including Bulldog fans, rose to their feet cheering for the amazing catch.

With many games up ahead this season, Eagle fans should try even harder this year to beat 3,435. By showing that Eagle fans care, we can force more seats to be added and raise the 3,500 capacity.