Gretchen Mossburg: Diving into a Promising Future

Courtesy of Georgia Southern Athletics

Ryan Redding

“When I get on the board, I close my eyes and imagine how I want the dive to go and just process it. Take it one step at a time.” 

This is what is going through Gretchen Mossburg’s head just seconds before she plummets a meter towards a pool full of water. This level of calmness is exactly why the freshman from Ijamsville, Md, has been named CCSA Diver of the Week twice this year. With the Georgia Southern University swimming & diving regular season coming to an end this past Saturday, Mossburg is now preparing for the CCSA Championship in Athens. 

“[I will] be training the best I can, of course not pushing my knees too much, and knowing my boundaries,” Mossburg said. 

Being one of the only people in her family to attend college with a scholarship, Mossburg feels like she must set the example for the rest of her family, although she is the youngest. Due to the position she is in, her family gives her advice that she holds close to her heart. The best advice she feels is a combination from her grandmother, father and mother: “Don’t give up just because you’re young, don’t get overwhelmed, have fun, stay humble, be patient, finish your education, work hard and just take it one day at time.” 

Despite all her talent with diving, Mossburg’s true goal while being an Eagle is to pursue a career as an artist. 

“I hope to get an art scholarship possibly if I can…with art there [are] a lot of different jobs you can go to and I want to go to illustration,” Mossburg said. 

With so much going on, she feels her biggest challenge is stress and overthinking things both on and off the diving board. Although she feels like she lets her fear get to her, it is clearly not getting the better of her as she placed first on the 1 meter diving board to close out the regular season.

With many dives ahead of her, it is easy to say that Mossburg has gotten off to a terrific start to her college career. 

“I am very thankful to be here. I am very thankful for my family, my friends, everyone who supports me, my coaches, everyone from Georgia Southern who supports me,” Mossburg said cheerfully. 

She has learned to take her calm and humble personality and apply it to a diving technique that makes her one of the best around.