Meadow Mash-Up: spring group fitness on a whole new level

Chyna James

You walk outside to the RAC meadows in suspicion of what’s to come. You may or may not have taken the class in the past but you’re wondering what exactly you’ll be “mashing.’’

There are many thoughts running through your head- starting with processing what you’re going to do with the equipment (sleds, weighted plates, cones, tires) laid out on the grass.

You think about your fitness goals and you have no choice but to accept the challenge.

Welcome to Meadow Mash-Up, an outdoor circuit style training.

The Kick off

From now until – April 3 you can participate in a challenging, unique style of fitness outside with fresh air and try something you’ve never tried before.

The class begins with stretching. It continues with your main workout and ends with a cool down and reflection of what you just accomplished.

The first class consisted of circuits including partner exercisers, pull-ups on the equipment, burpees, jumps, lunges and ab variations. Participants have the option to include weight and can decide how much weight is best for them.

Two nationally certified Personal Trainers will provide exercise instruction and motivation for you all throughout the class.

5-year-trainer Brandon Martin and 3-year-trainer Krystopher Thompson, both exercise science majors at Georgia Southern University, kicked off this spring’s first Meadow Mash-Up class.

“At the very beginning we make sure we instruct them on making sure they know what do and they can ask questions,” Thompson said. “During the workout itself we are always pushing them verbally and mentally.’’

From the trainer’s perspective

One of the goals of the class is to improve fitness levels, cardiovascular endurance and work capacity with minimal equipment in an open area.

A lot of people are very unfamiliar with the exercises, so the class introduces workouts and new ways of performing exercises that most people may already know how to do.

“Everyone is going to be struggling and everyone is going to be grinding through the workout as much as they can,” Thompson said.

The class has several benefits and ways you can improve your overall fitness.

Participants from beginners to experts can take the class. Everyone from all fitness abilities are welcomed.

“It’s going to get you ready for spring break, help you with your body composition and it’s just great to add variety to your workout if it’s something you’re not used to doing.” Martin said.

The trainers noted that some people may think you already have to be fit to participate or that the workout will be unbearable. But it’s not.

“By the end of the work out, they’ve got a whole new collection of exercises they’ve learned that they can take with them. They can use the knowledge they learn here to do workouts on their own,” Martin said.

The partner aspect

Group fitness offers ways to get fit and in shape together and this class is no different.

Meadow Mash-Up offers both individual and team components.

“You’re working with somebody and trying to motivate someone,” Thompson said. “You get to learn how to motivate other people instead of just listening to us.”

Two dancers from the GS dance team, Southern Explosion, Brittany Good and Baili Dantzler, participated in the class and were able to work together during the partner portion.

“It was really cool because I feel like if I was doing it by myself I maybe wouldn’t have gone as hard,” Good said. “It’s good when you have someone at the end cheering you on.”

The class was much different from what they are accustomed to doing as they don’t do many cardiovascular exercises.

“I expected it to be a lot more cardio and running rather than a bunch of body weight stuff but it was awesome. They were pushing you the entire time and it was definitely motivational,” Dancelor said.

If you’re looking to take your fitness goals to the next level, you want a different challenge or you just want to get in shape for spring break, Meadow Mash-Up may be the class for you.

“I like coming and I like being pushed so if they want to come somewhere where you’re being pushed then they should definitely try it,” Good said.

Location and Times

The classes are offered Mondays at 6 p.m. and Fridays at 3 p.m. in the RAC Meadow in MC Anderson Park.

Any Georgia Southern student or Faculty/Staff that is a member of the RAC is eligible to participate.

Martin said, “It’s an opportunity for them to learn and really start getting into fitness if it’s something they’re interested in.”

For more information about the class, visit the RAC’s