B&R Treasure and Treats: Bringing New Orleans flair to Statesboro

B&R Treasures and Treats

Brendan Ward

Tucked into the shops on Main Street of Statesboro sits B&R Treasure and Treats, a New Orleans-inspired business that is a sno-ball shop, second hand store and accounting business all packaged into one.

B&R is run by its owners, Marc and Danielle Nauts, who opened the business two and a half years ago. They originally came to the area to be near family and fell in love with Statesboro and its people.

The main draw of B&R is their New Orleans-style sno-balls, which are similar to snow cones, but the ice is shaved and comes out like a fine powder. 

“The sno-balls literally come out like fresh snow,” Danielle Nauts said.

The shop offers sno-balls in variety of flavors from the traditional banana and vanilla to more exotic flavors like wedding cake and tiger’s blood.

The typical flavoring for a sno-ball is cane syrup. B&R makes all of their flavorings in store and they are made with natural ingredients.

On the thrift side, the store has a plethora of movies, books, video games and various knick knacks for sale. They regularly post pictures of new items on their facebook page.

The store offers a 10 percent discount to all college students with ID.

B&R can be found in downtown Statesboro on 45 E Main St. The shop is open from 8 a.m to 6 p.m Monday to Saturday and is closed on Sundays.