Swinging for new fences

Ryan Redding

For those who stayed in Statesboro during winter break, during at least one of your multiple Cookout trips, it is likely you looked across the street at J.I. Clements Stadium and noticed something missing. No, your mind was not playing tricks on you. The entire outfield fence had been completely stripped away.

According to Nick Scull, director of athletic facilities, a needed revamp is the reason for the disappearing wall. The new wall will be “more professional looking.” It will include a new manual scoreboard and video board. These upgrades were needed in part because Georgia Southern University will be hosting the 49th Sun Belt Baseball Tournament in May.

The dimensions of the field will be changed, with the fence being pushed back as much as 10 feet, and the wall in right field will be raised to 25 feet, making home-runs more difficult. Make sure to visit J.I Clements Stadium in February to see the renovations and to support your Eagles.