GS Volleyball falls to Coastal Carolina

Casey Rohlen

For the first time since 2009, the GS Woman’s Volleyball team took on the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers Wednesday night in Hanner Fieldhouse. As has been the storyline of late, the game did not fare well for the Eagles.

Coastal Carolina’s dynamic duo of junior Annayka Legros and junior OH Leah Hardeman, who lead all scorers with 15 kills, proved to be too much for the outmatched Eagles team. At the beginning of the first set, the mismatch wasn’t as readily apparent with the Eagles and Chanticleers fighting neck to neck for the lead, before Coastal Carolina pulled away with a 25-21 win.

The second set saw GS senior Katie Bange and junior Catherine Murray, who lead GS in kills with 8, attempt to stifle Coastal Carolina’s rolling offense. Despite the Eagles putting in hard play and keeping it close for the first half of the set, the Chanticleers ran away with the win at 25-19.

The third set made it an early night for Eagles fans, sending them streaming from Hanner Fieldhouse into the cool Statesboro air after Coastal Carolina won the set 25-16 and the match 3-0.

GS will now travel to Coastal Carolina for the first game of a four-game road trip on Friday, Nov. 4.