Georgia Southern vs East Georgia Softball exhibition recap

Ryan Redding

The Eagles pull out another exhibition victory, this time against the East Georgia Bobcats, beating them 16-1 in 10 innings.

In this near shutout, the Eagles played both offense and defense to near perfection. Dixie Raley started the game on the mound for the Eagles, in her four innings pitched she gave up no runs and struck out over half the people she faced. To support her, the Eagles bats were electric, scoring seven runs while she was pitching.

In the third inning, the Bobcats put in a new pitcher, the Eagles had her number the entire game. After getting the first batter she faced to pop out, the rest of the night was trouble for her. She proceeded to give up a walk, a double, and then a 3-run homerun to Macy Weeks.

After giving up another four runs in the fourth, it seemed as if things could not get much worse for East Georgia, then the fifth inning happened. In the fifth alone, Southern had 6 RBI’s and 3 stolen bases. East Georgia on the other hand had a deflection off of the pitcher’s glove that went into the outfield, a ball drop right in between the center and let fielder as they could not decide who should catch it, and a wild pitch, all of which resulted in runs. If it were not for a great catch by the Bobcat’s right fielder to end the inning, there is no telling how many runs the Eagles could have put up.

In the top of the seventh, the Bobcats cashed in their only run of the night. This came from perhaps the only slip up from the Eagles defense. On a groundball to short, the ball was thrown slightly short to first, resulting in a baserunner that eventually scored. By this time in the game the Eagles were already winning by 15 and this run was nearly irrelevant.