Shots fired at 111 South

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Johnny Lu

A series of gunshots late Monday evening at 111 South led to a number of damaged windows and an investigation surrounding a shooting at the off-campus student housing residence.

Occurring within the perimeter of 111 South’s clubhouse and swimming pool, screams were heard immediately after shots were fired, followed by a number of patrons seen running for cover. A number of passageways and areas throughout the apartment complex were temporarily taped off while police and officials ensued protocol.

“Of the shots fired, at least two bullets had made contact with the buildings’ structure,” Statesboro Criminal Investigations Det. Lt. Winksey said. “We don’t have much to say right now, but we’re trying our best to update the community as soon as possible.”

An apartment in building 22 was one of the apartments caught in the cross-fire around 8 p.m. Monday evening.

Barely aware of the bullet-stricken window himself, 111 South resident and junior middle grades education major Quentin Ladson was just getting home as the incident occurred.

“The police knocked on our door to check on us and asked if we knew there was a bullet hole in our window,” Ladson said.

The shell of the bullet that struck Ladson’s apartment remains sitting on the debris-covered windowsill as police investigators asked that the occupants cooperatively leave the scene untouched until further investigation has been conducted.

With barely a month elapsed since the shooting at Aspen Heights late February, this will be the second shooting at an off-campus student housing residence in the GSU community this semester.