A Statesboro Spring Break

Shawnya Vanderhorst

Spring Break, the most anticipated week in spring semester, is just around the corner. While students are getting a break from classes, the decision on exactly where to spend that break may difficult. Some students will work, some will be vacationing nearby or internationally and others will be right here in Statesboro.

“I’m staying on campus because I have to work through the break,” Devin Duinkerk, sophomore construction management major said. Duinkerk works with the HVAC Air filter team in the residence halls. While it may not be the most glamorous job in Statesboro, he enjoys working to make a bit of cash doing something he finds very simple.

“If I stay, I’m going to chill in my room, catch up on some good Netflix, cook, eat… and listen to Beyonce,” Aaron Keenan, Kennedy Halls Community Leader, said

Keenan shared a few tips of advice for the students staying on campus. Students must make sure to bring their Eagle ID for the interior corridor buildings because most of the housing staff will be on break as well. Most importantly, everyone should be prepared to buy groceries because the dining halls have some weird hours.

“It’s best to stock up on non-perishables from Gus Mart now, so you won’t be starving later,” Keenan said.

“I plan to [stay on campus and] take the CPIM [Certified in Production and Inventory Management] test,” Ewere Osa, senior logistics and intermodal transportation major, said. Being a transfer student, she would love to do something entertaining like go to the movies and interact with other students as well as learn more about Georgia Southern after completing her exam.


Statesboro has many local places in walking and driving distance that can be an affordable and entertaining way to spend the break.

*All times approximate and calculated starting from the Russel Union.*

  • The Center of Wildlife Education (1461 Forest Drive)

The Center of Wildlife Education is a 6 minute driving 16 minute walking distance from campus and is a good place to explore the varieties of wildlife on campus. The Center of Wildlife Education is home to eagles, raptors, reptiles, amphibians and mammals.

“The Center of Wildlife Education is an excellent place to not only learn about wildlife and environmental education but to also experience the outdoors without ever leaving campus,” Casey Corbett, Wildlife Center representative, said.

  • Botanic Garden (1505 Bland Ave)

The Botanic Garden is a 10 minute driving and 29 minutes walking distance from campus. The garden is a option to get away from campus and explore nature. Also, it’s free for students which makes it a great destination to check off of the bucket list before graduation.

The Botanic Garder has trails to explore, as well as multiple gardens that house endangered and rare flowers.

  • The Jumping Place Skydiving Center (127 Airport Rd)

The Jumping Place Skydiving Center is 16 minute driving distance from campus and is an spontaneous way to spend a day of Spring Break for students who want to be adventurous and experience something completely out of their comfort zone.

“I would like to go skydiving because if I’m not going to Panama I may as well do something just as exciting,” Charyian Statham, sophomore fashion major, said.

  • The Shooting Sports Education Center (3101 Old Register Rd)

The Shooting Sports Education Center is 8 minute driving and 27 minute walking distance from campus. The new facility offers a chance for students to become educated about shooting sports and gun safety. They offer instructional programs to perfect one’s aim, training classes to practice shooting and special events with archery. Go out and be Katniss Everdeen for a day.

  • Healthy Touch Day Spa (221 S Zetterower Ave, Statesboro)

Healthy Touch Day Spa is approximately 8 minute driving and 31 minute walking distance from campus. This is the perfect place to unwind from classes, stress and professors. They offer massage and body therapies, spa packages as well as skin treatments. Spas are not always the cheapest but if the funds are available, treat yo’ self.