The need for student involvement in the Presidential selection process

Skyler Black

Four of the candidates for Georgia Southern’s president have been announced and have begun visiting the campus. While your inbox may have thousands of unread messages piling on top of one another, you should probably be paying attention to these candidates. The GSU community should be helping to determine who the next leader of the campus will be.

The main issue that I have noticed from asking students on campus is the fact that none of them really know who the candidates are and when they are coming. Our university has been sending out emails a week before a new individual is to visit the campus and a few days before an open forum for a prior named candidate. I am aware that I should be paying attention to the different people who may be the next president of this university. But I opened an email letting me know who the fourth candidate was the same day that they would be visiting the campus.

This isn’t a rare occurrence for a large amount of students that I know. A few of them have thousands of unread messages in their inboxes and unless the email is drastically important they will not open them. There needs to be a more effective way of letting students know when a possible president of the university will be available to ask question to.

Our student body is not paying attention to important information that can affect the rest of their college going experience. I try to pay attention to situations that directly influence me in my collegiate career more often being so close to graduation.

GSU is trying to remedy that because they are aware that it is important for the students to be paying attention. On the homepage of MyGeorgiaSouthern, underneath my messages, there are links to the videos from the open forums that were held. But honestly, there has never been a moment when I have seen an email for the candidates that I wanted to open. GSU should be making the importance of this more obvious for the students.