Single v Taken: Things to do if it’s just you, or with someone new

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Ricky Veasley and Araya Jackson


If you plan on spending Valentine’s Day alone this year, do not fret. There are a couple of things you can do to enjoy yourself. As RuPaul says “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”


If you want a laugh, watch the movie “Friday.” Pop some popcorn, invite your single friends over because it’s Valentine’s Day, y’all don’t have dates and y’all ain’t got ‘ish to do.

If you want action, watch the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”. After watching this, being single won’t seem so bad. At least you don’t have to worry about the person you love being an assassin with a hit out on you.

If you want to cry, watch “The Notebook”. Watching this will make you realize that love is inevitable.


  • Bobby Womack- “If You Think You’re Lonely Now” will be bound to have you in your feelings.
  • Destiny’s Child- “Survivor” will make you realize that you don’t need no one but yourself and that you will always survive.
  • Taylor Swift – “Begin Again” makes you realize that you can do better and that love takes time.


  • Binge drink some soda because the money you save from not having a date will be plenty.
  • Open some champagne and treat yourself to peace and happiness.
  • Drink some sweet tea because your friends are going to tell you all about their dates over the weekend.



Valentine’s Day is known for kisses, romance and cheesy gifts, and honestly who doesn’t like being like that, at least once a year? If you and your special someone are looking for the right drinks, movies, or music to complete your night, consider some of the following ideas


If you and your significant other enjoy good conversation and bonding over refreshing drinks, go tasting! The bars, winery and Southern Growlers brewery are areas to taste-test different drinks, wines or specialty beers. Go and discover a possible new favorite drink, all the while acquiring a friendly buzz.


Sure, most guys don’t like the typical Nicholas Sparks film that’ll really put you in your feels, but it is Valentine’s Day, and cheesy is easy. To find a compromise on a movie the two of you can enjoy, incorporate some humor in the selection, with movies like “When in Rome”, “50 First Dates”, “This Means War” or “Crazy Stupid Love”. Now ladies get the benefit of cuddles and men will actually want to pay attention to the movie.


The Weekend radio on Pandora. Done. Okay, fine. Whether you’re looking for playful music to cook dinner to, relaxing tunes to chat too or mood music for the end of your night, try making out a playlist together. Incorporate some of each of your favorite songs to set the scene, however you want it to be.