Valentine’s Day in One Word

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Skyler Black

The tradition of buying shiny and tasty gifts for significant others and crushes has been around for years. Valentine’s Day is a date where candles are purchased, flowers are gathered and chocolate is consumed at an alarming rate.

A large amount of people feel as though the date is simply a money grab for companies. Valentine’s Day is much more than that to me. This day is made for people to show others what they mean to them. In high school, it was an excuse to give a special valentine to a pretty girl you wouldn’t normally go for. Coming into college, the feeling surrounding the holiday is quite different. Students tend to think that to have a good time on Valentine’s day you have to spend a large amount of money on the person, or people, you have feelings for. Understandingly, that can sway people away from wanting to even try dating. Mostly because as a college student, money is in short supply.

Our marketing and money focused society has created a holiday that is meant to represent love into another marketing ploy. According to US News, in 2014, $17.3 billion was spent in retail spending. The amount of money spent on average is around $140 per person. This is a ridiculous amount of money spent on a day that was created for a singular purpose; celebrating love.

This day is meant to share our feelings in ways we would never do normally. I am a big fan of this date but I am a pretty biased since I’m in a relationship. Let me be clear, I do not believe that spending a large amount of money will affect the way that you feel for someone but the idea behind the day, I fully agree with. Showing love for other human beings is something that should be done everyday.

Our campus is full of college students that feel strongly about this ‘lovey-dovey’ holiday. I asked students what they think of when they hear the words ‘Valentine’s Day.’

Tyler Levens, senior, sport management major

“Made up holiday”

Sydnie Madison, senior, multimedia communication major

“Baby making season”

Linda Ihediona, senior, child and family development major


Alysia Gustausen, junior, sociology major


Amari Burry, freshman, pre-nursing major


Caitlin Patterson, junior, nursing major


Deonta White, sophomore, information technology major


Elizabeth Tallman, sophomore, interior design major


Justin Fears, senior, communications studies major


Cody Blankenship, sophomore, information technology major