Top Five Apps for College Students

Ashlee Gilley

Help out not only your grades, but all aspects in your college life.


This app allows you to create your own study material, or use materials made by others to study for your classes. With matching exercises, flashcards, images and even audio, this app has something for just about every learner.


If you have ever wondered where your time goes, this app can tell you. It tracks the time you spend on mobile apps, talking on the phone and can help you learn what your biggest distractions are. If you’ve been needing help managing your time this is a great starting point.

AllRecipies Dinner Spinner

Learning how to cook for yourself isn’t easy. Whether you’re out on your own for the first time and still learning, or if you just want to add some dishes to your skill-set, this app can help. With plenty of member-shared recipes you can choose from, this app gets even better because you can add ingredients to a grocery list, which also shows certain items that are on sale in stores nearby.


This app is for anyone who is struggling with a foreign language class. The fun format and variety of learning styles is sure to help you understand another language. You can use it as an aid throughout an entire class, or just as a refresher before exams. Setting personal goals can help you keep track of how you’re doing.

Mixology TM Drink & Cocktail Recipes

Not only does this app have thousands of recipes, it also has a handy feature called Liquor Cabinet. This feature lets you type in whatever alcohol, mixers, etc that you already have at home and tells you what kind of drink you can make out of it.