Coca-Cola funded obesity group disbands

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Johnny Lu

Coca Cola: the sweet, carbonated soft drink that’s found its way into the hands of millions over the last two centuries.

One of the most common drinks seen carried and consumed by students, Coke products find its way into the hands of Georgia Southern students just as much as Starbucks from the Union does.

With a beverage this tasty and popular, little can people consider the backstage politics of products that are meant to be enjoyed.

A nonprofit anti-obesity research group that was funded by Coca-Cola is set to be dismantled following disagreements between the two parties.

The Global Energy Balance Network (GEBN) was questioned about whether members of their organization had communicated inappropriately with the Coca-Cola company. Combating obesity with increased diet and exercise, GEBN promoted the argument of weight-conscious individuals being more fixated on how much they consume as to paying enough attention to how much they exercise.

One particular proposal circulated at Coke. The proposal painted a vision for a group that would establish itself as the place for the media to go to for comment on any obesity-related issue. The proposal also said that the group would run a political-style campaign to counter the “shrill rhetoric” of “public health extremists.”

With disregards to the recent flood of negative publicity, the group claimed in a statement posted on its website that GEBN was shutting down due to a lack of resources.

More specific information about any comments that were exchanged remain unknown.