‘Bring it’ the podcast that was created to inspire the young entrepreneurial mind

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Alexandria Richbourg

You’re here, enrolled in college doing what you feel is what you’re supposed to be doing. But do you really know why you are here? Have you actually sat and thought about what you want, or are you simply following the narrative? You know, the narrative that says you go to college, you acquire the skills to work in society and how to work under someone, graduate and ultimately follow a blueprint that has already been sketched out but wasn’t specifically designed for you, nor was created by you.

Yes, that narrative.

If you are a young entrepreneur with a dream and you are passionate on pursing something more than just “the narrative,” Yakov Savitskiy has created The Bring It Podcast that is made to help young adults embrace their entrepreneurial mindsets and pursue their passions.

Each episode has a guest speaker ranging from established entrepreneurs, “New York Times” best-selling authors, success coaches, psychotherapists, other podcasters and people from across the world.

For example one guest is David Yarus, the founder of JSwipe, which is a Jewish Dating App with users in over 70 countries (Episode 43). “People want to give back. That’s the cool thing about successful people. They want to give back, inspire others, and they want to make a difference as well,” said Savitskiy.

Each guest speaker gives business advice, insight, and even some personal advice that listeners can take and apply to their lifestyles that will help them further their mindsets on being better entrepreneurs.

Yakov Savitskiy is a senior public relations major here at Georgia Southern who is graduating in December. The 21-year-old truly has a desire and a passion to help his peers and young people like himself succeed, grow and follow their passions.

“I see a lot of people out there who don’t have the direction they need in their life so the podcast is meant to not only inspire, but give practical business and personal development advice. Things they can apply and things they can listen to and be inspired by,” said Savitskiy.

Although the podcast has only been online for three months so far, the show has managed to get close to a thousand downloads.

Savitskiy simply has a dream and is doing what it takes to go forward and sketch out his own blueprint for what he wants for his life. Helping others in his age group is clearly the inspiration for it.

“I want people to take action, really pursue their passions, and not make excuses,” said Savitskiy.

Check out Savitskiy’s website, take a listen or subscribe to the Bring It Podcast, by going to www.ylsavitskiy.com. If you would personally like to connect with Savistskiy himself, you can also do so by emailing him at yl@ylsavitskiy.com