NDoW Highlights the importance of writing

Ashlee Gilley

There are national days for talking like a pirate, chocolate ice cream and for appreciating your sibling, so why not have a day to highlight the importance of writing? Oct. 20 is the National Day of Writing (or NDoW).

“[NDoW] is part of that trend – a chance to ask people to pause and think about the topic being celebrated that day. In this case, NDoW is about asking people to pause and seriously consider what role writing plays in their lives,” Peggy Lindsey, lecturer in the Department of Writing & Linguistics, said.

Students are encouraged to get involved with NDoW activities. On Oct. 20 there will be tables set up around the Russell Union rotunda from 11 to 2 p.m. including a machine with writing prompts, an area for students to put in their two cents on why they write and even some informational tables that will tell students about majors, minors and organizations that deal with writing.

“We’re doing it constantly every day for all sorts of reasons. Writing is one way we preserve memories, share culture and history or just say I love you in a quick text to someone far away,” Professor Lindsey said.

Twitter users are also encouraged to participate. In line with the Halloween season use the hashtag #GSwrites and tweet a scary story with the rest of your 140 characters, or just tell the world why you write using the same hashtag.

“NDoW is important because writing is important. Study after study shows that employers value strong writing skills. The internet means that people today are reading more than ever – we’re constantly looking at writing. And with so much available to read, people simply won’t keep their eyes on bad writing. They just click on,” Lindsey said.

Georgia Southern’s Quality Enhancement Plan, or QEP’s involvement with the NDoW is to shift student’s perceptions of writing and show them the value of writing, Ashley Walker, associate professor of Community Health Behavior and Education and assistant director of the QEP, stated.

The entire theme of the NDoW compliments the QEP’s motto, “Write! Write! Write!” It’s no surprise that the members of the QEP were invited to participate in the NDoW activities. “The main idea of the NDoW is to celebrate writing in all forms,” Walker said.

Walker reminds us that written communication skills are just as important. If you think that writing will not affect your major, here are a few examples that may change your opinion. If you are a nurse you will need to communicate with your patients, doctors and other nurses with your notes. If you want to work in the business industry you will need to be able to write out a good business plan and be able to communicate through written correspondence.

During the NDoW make sure to pay attention to screens in the library as well as Newton to see responses from deans as well as faculty on why writing works for and matters to them.