GSU’s Claim to Fame

Cheryl Nuzum

Georgia Southern now has its very own claim to fame, and she goes by EclecticNistaJR. Junior Fashion Merchandising major, Jasmine Long, is a YouTube vlogger that reached over 23,000 subscribers this past summer. She describes her channel as being “Natural Hair, Makeup & Fashion” but it’s become so much more over the years.

Three years ago, as a senior in high school, Long began posting Outfit of the Day videos to her channel, jazzyfly125. They began garnering attention so she continued posting, adding in makeup and hair tutorials and putting her own everyday life in them. She solidified her channel by giving it the title EclecticNistaJR, named after her mother’s own company, and adding the ‘Jr’.

One might think it’s strange to carry a camera around with you all day, talking it to it and filming your friends and family, but Long says she’s gotten used to it, as have the people around her. Now she posts videos the same way a person would keep a scrapbook.

“The first time I ever did a vlog was my freshman year going into college, and I did it for me. I didn’t even do it for my viewers to watch. I did it so I could document and I could go back.”

As far as her family goes, she said they originally found it strange but they learned to get used to it. “Now to us, it’s like home videos,” Long said.

Long filled the gap within the fashion and beauty vlogosphere for a young, black female without ever intending too.

“That wasn’t the goal at all but I’m open to all ethnicities,” she said. “I started it out mainly doing Outfit of the Days in high school. From there, a couple of people would comment and say oh, they’re tired of me doing the same old boring thing. I had a script, they would say. So I started doing tag videos and incorporating my family and then with incorporating my family, doing vlogs, and people would just gravitate towards the vlogs and everyday life. From there, I started doing college vlogs, and they loved that just as much.”

Long’s own claim to fame was a tutorial called “Bleaching Gone Wrong on **Natural Hair**” which she says skyrocketed her subscribers.

“I posted a video about bleaching gone wrong and that video has gotten over 2 million views,” Long said. “A lot of people started subscribing after that. I really felt like that video was exposure for my channel to help get my name out there. I want to say I had 3,000 when the summer started in May, and from May to now, September, it has grown by 20,000.”

After that video, Long noticed a lot more attention focused on her. Random people would recognize her out and about, on campus or even throughout town.

“A lot of people do come up to me and be like, ‘Oh, you’re the girl that makes YouTube videos!’” Long said. “It’s really awkward because I don’t know how they expect me to act.”

Long started her college career at Savannah State University before transferring to Georgia Southern two years later. In one of her videos, she describes GSU as being the first school she’s proud to attend.

“The people here are really, really friendly. School pride is awesome. I feel like I’m getting the college experience all the way here.”

While she vlogs regularly about her experiences here at Southern, it’s rare to see her filming on campus.

“I’m very scared to bring my camera on campus because I don’t want somebody to steal it or break it so I’m really hesitant about that.” She compensates by vlogging in the morning before heading to class.

For three years now, Long has documented multiple hair styles and colors, moving from one school to the next, her struggles with depression, her family and friends, and everything about her life. One might think someone would eventually grow tired of it, but not Long.

“I have to be honest, I do like the attention and getting praised. I like the editing aspects. Creating a video and being able to manipulate it through editing it. I love editing.”

She plans to continue posting videos even after graduating next December and breaking into the fashion industry.

You can see Long on YouTube at or follower her on Twitter and Instagram at @eclecticnistajr or on Snapchat at jazzyfly125.