Game Day Fashion

Araya Jackson

Game Day Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

Game Day Chic 101

Ladies in blue and gold dresses, pearls and boots alongside men in khakis and university collar shirts is what you will see lining the streets of Lanier Drive and Robinhood Trail. This isn’t a Sunday church after party, this is a typical Saturday afternoon game day in Statesboro.

People usually try to look their best for things that are important to them, like church, interviews or dinner at grandmas, but here in the South, we take pride in our appearance for football games. You won’t catch us yelling “Georgia….Southern” across the stadium in a t-shirt.

Yes, we like to look nice, but yes, there is also a line between Southern attire and club attire. Don’t end up with an outfit malfunction or crying because you have blisters all over your feet. Ladies, know the do’s and don’ts to game day fashion and also where to go locally if your closet needs a little True Blue pick-me-up. Gentlemen, I chose to do this strictly for girls because let’s face it, our picky and indecisive tastes need a little guidance. You guys just rock your girls’ sorority pin, collar shirts and remember, hide your drinks in pictures.

Do rep your schools colors! In this case, that’s blue and gold. You can also mix in some white or black to go along. I personally rocked a white dress with a dark blue bralette last weekend and got so many compliments! Show your True Blue spirit with the rest of campus, and proudly scream ‘Hail Southern!’ while looking like you actually do.

Don’t overdo the colors! A blue dress with yellow accents and jewelry is just fine and dandy, but there becomes a point where you look like you just tried a little too hard. Not all blues match, just like not all yellows flow together either. I’m sure we all have a decent taste to know this (right?!) but here’s a reminder.

Do keep your makeup natural. Neutral colors and light foundation will be your best bet.

Don’t get too heavy with the makeup. I love my black smoky eye as much as the next girl, but this isn’t my first go around, and listen to me when I tell you it will not look good by the end of the night.

“I don’t think I’ve had one game day where my makeup wasn’t sweated off by the end,” Sarah Snow, sophomore political science major, said.

Do wear comfortable shoes! The best and most popular way to go is cowgirl boots. This way, if it rains, you don’t have wet and dirty feet. So yes, pull out those bad boys that you usually only wear to country concerts. You now have a new reason to show them off.

Don’t wear wedges! For the love of all things holy, just don’t do it. Oh, so you think you can walk from tailgate to tailgate or jump up and down cheering in the stadium in those dreadful things? Try adding alcohol to the mixture. It’s not fun, nor is it cute. Play it safe ladies.

Do fix your hair in the way it works best. For me, I love to curl my hair. But I also know that my naturally pin-straight hair will frizz up into a rats nest by the end of the night if I curled it for a game. So as tempting as it may be, wear your hair natural.

If you haven’t noticed already, there’s a reoccurring theme here: natural. Saturdays are just a tricky day of trying to look cute while also trying to predict what Statesboro weather will bring next. I know I wasn’t expecting that down pour last weekend. Walking down Robinhood in my dress and a rain jacket was NOT fun. The ultimate way to look your best throughout the action is keeping it simple while still making heads turn.

I’m sure by now, for upperclassmen, you have enough blue and gold dresses in your closet to go around a time or two. But if you’re a freshman and your wardrobe needs some GSU put inside, fear no more. There are some extremely cute and affordable boutiques around Statesboro that will provide you with the ultimate game day hook up. My personal two favorites are Entourage and Walker’s Boutique. Both are conveniently located in the same general area by the Walmart Neighborhood Market and Jimmy John’s (because I know you know where that is).

Georgia Southern football is officially in full swing! So let’s get rowdy and stomp over the competition, while looking good in the process. Remember, we’re here to keep it classy and represent not only Georgia Southern, but all of football in the South, in a positive light. So shine on girls and I’ll be seeing you this weekend!