Country Concert Do’s and Don’ts

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Araya Jackson

What to Expect at a GSU Country Concert:

It’s that time again Georgia Southern: it’s the first country concert of the year. So pull out those flannels, boots and bad morals because David Nail is coming to Moonshiners! If you haven’t been to States-Vegas’s new club, this would be the night to check it out.

I’ve been to quite a few concerts in my time, and the things you see, though oddly strange, seem to occur every time. I specifically remember my first concert here at Southern, when our very own Cole Swindell played a show at Rum Runners (RIP). I was somewhat miserable and completely ecstatic at the same time. I really hope you all have the experience that I did, but go in with an open mind and with a little idea of what could possibly go down.

Dress for Success

For starters, this is the opportunity for every guy and girl to dress country as hell, whether they actually are or not. So the classic girl will wear cowgirl boots with cut offs and flannels wrapped around the waste because it’s still too hot to actually wear it, or she’ll keep it simple in a sundress. Meanwhile she’ll be accompanied by a guy in the typical frat-country look: jeans and boots with a ridiculous American flag button down or some shirt of the like. Don’t worry guys, I’ll be right in the mix with y’all.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

You’ll have a wide variety of drunks surrounding you. This is something I personally love, because I like to think that I specialize in the art of people watching. You’ll have the occasional semi-sober girl with a group she’s already sick of because everyone else is belligerent, the DD who had a breakdown and is now too drunk to comprehend, the people who don’t realize just how loud they are, girls hugging friends left and right like they haven’t seen them in years and there will always, always be someone who just completely eats the concrete (my favorite).

Concert Crowd Etiquette 101

Once inside, everyone will be trying to fight for a front-stage view. This can be brutal, because girls don’t play around when it comes to country stars. They will scratch and hiss just like the little cat inside of them that’s ready to pounce. So if you’re looking to get some nice shots of Nail in the background of your Snapchat, you may want to get there early.

Be Safe

You’ll probably get stuck in the pit of people with individuals who make you question humanity. Okay, maybe more who’ll just make you wonder why it’s always you, such as the sweaty tall guy you can’t see over, his girlfriend and her friends taking hundreds of drunk selfies that you keep photo-bombing, the creepy dude who won’t swerve even after you told him about your fake boyfriend and your own friends screaming every song in your ear. It’s so delightful.

Have Fun . . . But Not Too Much Fun

After it reaches about mid-show, when everyone’s settled around the stage and you’re really feeling that fifth drink, girls start getting a little daring. They all want to be ‘that girl on stage with the singer’ and once they realize this, they will pursue. So you now have five or six girls fighting for their 15 seconds of fame. But let’s face it, you’ll actually just be ‘that drunk girl’ on a stage you probably dance on every weekend. So save everyone’s time and patience and watch from the floor.

All Good Things Must Come to an End

The end of the night is always an adventure. Makeup is running down the faces of emotional girls, guys are trying to make that last little impression that’ll hook and reel his eye candy in, and traffic is crazy, from cars trying to be the first ones out to all the people walking home who get in the cars way. Cops are lined down the streets, so make sure your sober walk for the cops is on point. Maybe a fight will break out or you’ll hop in a friend of a friend’s car because you’re desperate for a ride. Remember that this is only a sliver of the possibilities you could see.

Safe Rides Save Lives

The best thing to do is to have your DD planned and out front waiting on you. You want to get out as quickly as you can and late night somewhere to reminisce on all the things you can never un-see or un-experience. But you’ll bond over it, because you all know you’ll be right back in the action come next concert. Concerts are crazy and filled with so much energy. I’ve never been to one and didn’t come out with some story. But it is our job as GSU students to keep it classy for David Nail so the great reputation of our darling school can continue on. With that in mind, I don’t know about y’all, but I’m ready for the eventful night ahead!