Halftime Update: Eagles vs. WVU

Hayden Boudreaux

1st Quarter

–          Two penalties on WVU for 20 yards including Unsportsmanlike Conduct and False Start.

–          Mountaineers march down the field on a 9 plays 87 yard drive that lasted 4:06 which ended with a 41 yard touchdown pass. 7-0 WVU

–          Eagles are handed a three and out on their first drive.

–          Mountaineers start second drive with huge 57 yard pass down to the ten.

–          Mountaineers held at the ten yard line and kick a field goal. 10-0 WVU

–          Pitch to Breida is fumbled and recovered by WVU at the 26 yard line.

–          Mountaineers fail the fourth down conversion and give possession to the Eagles at their own 18 yard line.

–          Eagles pick up their first third down conversion of the game on a ten yard run by Upshaw. Ramsby follows up with another first down run two plays later. Penalty cuts the drive short and forces a punt.

–          WVU throws completes a 57 yard pass down to the 23 yard line.

2nd Quarter

–          WVU stopped and kick a field goal. 13-0 WVU

–          Three and out drive by GASO.

–          WVU held to a three and out.

–          Eagles fail to convert on fourth down from their own 29 yard line.

–          WVU forced to punt.

–          Eagles pick up two consecutive first downs but forced to punt.

–          WVU picks up a 47 yard pass down to the 27 yard line but is forced to another field goal. 16-0 WVU.

–          Upshaw throws and interception to the Mountaineers who take over on their own 30 yard line but are forced to punt.

–          Eagles run out the clock in the first half.


16-0 WVU leads GASO

GASO Stats:

29 rushing attempts for 89 yards

No passing yards

Upshaw: 0-6, 1 INT

Breida: 10 carries for 39 yards

Upshaw: 11 carries for 33 yards

Ramsby: 7 carries for 19 yards

It was a rough first half for the Eagles as they struggled to get anything going on the offensive side of the ball. The defensive secondary was severely lacking on several big throws down field but the entire defense held their ground where it mattered.