Three outdoor study spots to brighten your day

Chris Rossmann

It’s spring, and with the coming of spring comes the long hours in the library studying for those last exams, putting together papers and preparing for all your finals.

But take a break from the florescent lights, breath some fresh air and give these outdoor study spots a try.

The first spot is behind the COBA building. The area has several benches and tables perfect for setting out books and getting some serious studying done. The COBA building casts a shadow over the area in the afternoon and makes this spot comfortable to sit in even during on those swelteringly hot days.

Next is the outdoor art gallery near the Center for Art and Theater Building. This spot has tall buildings surrounding it, allowing shadows to play through the area, and the curving benches are perfect for lying out and taking a nap in the shade. Give this spot a try if you ever are looking for a quiet place to do some thinking.

The last spot near the Newton Building is more commonly stumbled across than the first two, but it’s still a perfect place to study. The steps are large enough to bring several groups to study with and are a great place to take a break and set up a picnic while you study.