I slid into guys’ Tinder DMs asking about the coronavirus

Noelle Walker

During this difficult time, it’s important to maintain social distancing, even when it comes to dating. Despite this, dating apps like Tinder are still–and perhaps even more–active.

Some men even tried to use the situation to their advantage through their bios, pickup lines and conversation starters.


There were a few bios relating to quarantining and the Corona Virus. The most common was “quarantine and chill?”, but there were some more creative ones:

“A date with me gives you immunity against the coronavirus”

“My smile is more infectious than coronavirus”

“If I see ‘quarantine and chill?’ one more time, I’m calling the police”

The DMs

The Charmer

How sweet.

His Answer? You, My Dog and a Bottle of Tequila.

I mean, if the dog is there…

The Guy Who Wanted to Take Me Out

No comment.

The Guy That was Glad for the Switch the Online Classes

Those attendance policies make all the difference.

The Fearless Guy

Is beer flu what we’re calling it now?

The Guy Who Looked on the Bright Side?

That’s one way to look at it.

The Guy Who was Concerned

Remember: just because the virus might not affect you personally, there’s a chance it could spread to someone you know or care for. 

The Guy Who Just Needed Some Toilet Paper

We’ve all been there, buddy.

The Guy Who Hopes Everyone Stays Home

Social distancing is extremely important!

The Irritated Guy


The Guy Who’s Taking it Seriously

This can be a stressful time. Here are some tips on managing anxiety and stress from the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Special Guest: Purell Hand Sanitizer

Hold on to him tight and never let go.

So you’re saying it was on Tinder this entire time? Who would’ve thought. 

While some of the pickup lines and DMs were all in good fun, the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is something to be taken seriously. This means following CDC prevention tips, including those on how to protect yourself and others. 

Besides, do you really want to catch the coronavirus disease from someone who’s probably going to ghost you in two weeks?

Tinder also advised not meeting in real life. They sent this message out to users:

“Social distancing doesn’t have to mean disconnecting  

In the last week, we’ve seen longer chats from our members in areas most impacted by COVID-19  – and we know there’s a lot to say to each other as we all do our best to stay healthy and prevent the spread of the coronavirus. 

We hope to be a place for connection during this challenging time, but it’s important to stress that now is not the time to meet IRL with your match. Please keep things here  ➡[phone emoji] for now and be sure to stay informed with the most up-to-date recommendations from the World Health Organization below:

Find out more from WHO.

Please come back regularly and check the link as information is updated. Remember: keeping yourself safe and healthy helps to keep everyone in our community safe and healthy, too.”

So, how do you date when there’s a national pandemic? It’s not impossible, but you’ll have to be creative. Click here for some date ideas while social distancing.