Georgia Southern Students to Perform at Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival

Jozsef Papp

Georgia Southern University students will perform the award-winning performance of Race, a play by David Mamet, at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival on Thursday, Feb. 5 in the Albany Municipal Auditorium.

Georgia Southern’s performance of Race received two high recommendations from adjudicators that place the performance among 60 other nominated shows for the festival. All the student designers and stage manager were nominated for awards.

“We have an incredibly strong performance tradition here at Georgia Southern and being able to take this production to festival is a great opportunity for us to share that tradition with our peers and colleagues at other schools,” said Associate Professor at Georgia Southern and Director for Race Lisa Abbott. “I am incredibly proud of this cast and design team – they really show what the Theatre & Performance Program has to offer.”

The Theatre & Performance Program has been invited to attend the festival in previous years as well.