President Obama Delivers Annual State of the Union Address

Jozsef Papp

President Obama delivered his annual State of the Union Address Tuesday night from the House Chamber. He spoke mainly about Middle Class economics and his plans for his final two years in office.

Main Points:

Economy: The President talked about how the economy has recovered since the 2008’s economic crisis. He favored the middle class saying the “middle-class economics works”. Obama went on to explain that while he has been in office businesses have created more than 11 million new jobs over the past five years. In addition, he urged Congress to pass a law that would make sure woman earn the same wages as men do.

Education: President Obama stated that he will send Congress a bold new plan to make the cost of community college equal zero. His intention is for students, veterans, and single parents to be able to earn higher education and join the work force.

Environment: President Obama referred to climate change as the greatest threat to future generations. He announced that The United States along with China have committed in reducing carbon emission. He made note that America is number one in wind power and has reduced its dependence on foreign oil.

Taxes: The President continued to announce his intentions to lower the taxes of working families. Also, he stated that he wants to close the “loopholes” and make sure the top one percent pays taxes on their accumulated wealth.

President Obama also talked about Cuba and Terrorism among other things in his sixth State of the Union.