Spring into television this spring

Rashida Otunba


“Hustle and Flow” fans will rejoice at the reunion of Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard in this action-packed drama. This new series stars Howard as a powerful music mogul Lucious Lyon who tries to groom one of his sons to take over his music enterprise after discovering he has a fatal illness. To add to his family problems, his bitter ex-wife Cookie (Henson) has recently been let out of prison and wants revenge.

Watch if you like: “Dallas,” or any other twisted family drama.


It’s a modern-day time traveling adventure as young divorcee Becca (Laura Ramsey) is transported back to 1995 in order to right her previous wrongs when she wishes she could relive her life before she marries for the second time.

Watch if you like: HBO’s “Girls” or miss the 90s and love a show that can pull off making great pop culture references.

Eye Candy-MTV

In a shocking turn of events, Victoria Justice ditches her good girl image (thankfully, all while keeping her tongue in her mouth, unlike some other child stars we know) in this refreshing MTV thriller. Justice plays Lindy Sampson, a talented hacker working for the NYPD who attempts to find a dangerous serial killer who hunts dating websites for his victims. Sampson joins the dating site and attempts to find the killer by weeding out potential suspects as she dates various potential stalkers.

Watch if you like: “Catfish” or anything on the Investigation Discovery Channel.


Fans of “The Americans” will enjoy this series that puts a shocking twist on the average spy drama and will make you question whether blood really is thicker than water. “Allegiance” revolves around a CIA agent Alex O’Connor (Gavin Stenhouse) who discovers that his own parents are actually Russian spies plotting an attack on the United States and must decide whether to stay true to his country or his family.

Watch if you like: “Nikita,” “Alias,” or anything spy related.

Better Call Saul-AMC

“Breaking Bad” fans will be ecstatic to find the return of their favorite corrupt lawyer Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) in this spin-off series. This series serves as a prequel to the events of “Breaking Bad,” taking places a few years before the events of the main series and follows Goodman on his path to becoming the swarmy character that we know and love.

Watch if you like: “Breaking Bad” . . . there’s nothing else that I can compare to the greatness that is Walter White, so just watch the sequel.

Sons of Liberty- History Channel

This History Channel miniseries details the events that led to the founding of our great nation by our rebellious Founding Fathers (all of whom, besides Ben Franklin, are being played by incredibly handsome actors, which makes this series even more enjoyable) who bravely fight for their freedom from English tyranny. 

Watch if you like: “Patriot,” “Turn,” or if you just love the good ol’ U.S. of A.

Netflix Edition:

House of Cards

Season three of this online hit returns on Feb. 27. Details of the upcoming season have been kept under wraps but rumor has it the new season will not follow the same plot as its UK predecessor. Either way, fans will enjoy the amoral antics of the newly- instated President Underwood.

Watch if you like: “Scandal” or just can’t get enough of ruthless politicians.


A newcomer to the Netflix Originals lineup, “Bloodline” centers around a family of adult siblings who must navigate their complicated family ties in the wake of the return of their wayward brother. 

Watch if you like: Dark mysteries like “Bates Motel” or “Twin Peaks.”


This Marvel superhero will be brought to life in this brand new Netflix Original series. Charlie Cox will star as Matt Murdock, the blind lawyer who evolves into the renowned comic book hero Daredevil.

Watch if you like: shows like “Agent Carter” or “X-Men,” or if you’re just a fan of superheroes in general.