Chalk Guy gives up drawing at GSU

Nadia Dreid

Daniel Wair, the local artist affectionately known as Chalk Guy by many Georgia Southern students, announced Sunday via his Tumblr page that he will no longer be chalking in Statesboro.

Wair gives up his hobby after his tip hat was stolen early Thursday morning as he was drawing in front of Retrievers. The individual grabbed his hat and ran around the corner, towards Eagle Village.

According to the incident report, Statesboro Police Department responded to Wair’s call at 1:54 a.m. Nothing was found at the scene, and the case has been turned over to the Criminal Investigations Bureau Detective Section Supervisor.

After being robbed twice this semester while working, Wair says he no longer feels safe.

“When I paint the sidewalk I reach a zen like state of peace and relaxation,” Wair said in his goodbye statement, posted on his Tumblr. “But no more. I cannot be relaxed when I am constantly looking over my shoulder for the next attack.”

Aside from the robberies, Wair said he has had his drawings spat on and had beer thrown on him by GSU students. However, Wair said he does remain appreciative of the students who were kind to him and enjoyed his work.

Wair said, “I’ve had fun painting this town. It was good while it lasted. I’ve been shown great generosity and support by many of the students at Southern and am thankful to have met those students.”

The Reflector Online sat down for an exclusive interview with Wair to get the full story and to reminisce on his time as Chalk Guy here at GSU. Check out the full story here.