Eagles still looking for first win

Jordan Toney

The Georgia Southern Eagles traveled into Boulder, Colo. this past weekend to try and get their first win of the season, but for the second tournament of the season, the Eagles go winless. Despite playing a total of three teams, the Eagles only managed to win one set.

Pittsburgh (0-3 L)

An optimistic person would look at the 0-3 loss to Pittsburgh and notice a few things. Ga. Southern didn’t lose a set by more than 9 points and Kym Coley and Jamie DeRatt continued their dominating performance, both scoring a few kills less than ten. However, if you look at Pittsburgh’s stat sheet, you notice how much they really dominated the Eagles during this tournament. Three of their players scored double digit kills with two of their players having a hitting percentage of 70 or higher.

Colorado (0-3 L)

The match against Colorado started off good for the Eagles and only managed to get worse as it continued. With the first losing set having a deficit of only 5, the third losing set had a deficit of 9. Coley and DeRatt had an identical performance from their match against Pittsburgh. The main star of the show was Taylor Simpson from Colorado who had twelve kills in the win. Colorado also didn’t lose the lead in either the second or third set. It’s hard to lose the lead though when you hold your opponent to a 1.1 hitting percentage combined for the team.

Portland State (1-3 L)

Both the Eagles and Vikings went into their final match of this tournament with not a single win. Either team was going to walk away from this set with a win and it was quite clear from the way both teams played that neither team wanted to be the one winless team in the tournament. This obviously gave the Vikings plenty of inspiration as they won their first set 25-14. However the Eagles weren’t going to go without a fight as they quickly fought back in the second set winning 25-23. This would be the last breath of hope the Eagles would have as they quickly lost the next two sets 25-14, 25-19. Kym Coley, despite losing, had fifteen kills, leading the team. The Vikings had two players with double digit kills and that obviously helped out as there was only two different lead changes in the last two sets.

Ga. Southern starts off the season going 0-6 (0-0) making them last in the Sun Belt. However, the season isn’t over as they go into their next tournament where they’ll go up against two teams ranked in the top 25. This will be the last tournament before they finally get to open conference play.