Ellison earns offensive honors

Layne Saliba

What took place at Bobby Dodd Stadium on Saturday was definitely one for the record books. Redshirt sophomore quarterback Kevin Ellison led Georgia Southern to what could possibly be one of the greatest second half efforts that Eagle Nation has ever seen.

Ga. Southern was able to hold Georgia Tech to just one touchdown in the second half while the Eagles were able to post 28 points of their own. Although the Eagles ultimately fell 42-38 to the Jackets, it was hard to look past Ellison’s effort on the field.

And that is exactly why he earned Sun Belt Conference Offensive Player of the Week.

Ellison truly did lead the Ga. Southern Football team as any quarterback should, and it was easy to see that leadership throughout the second half. Not many people can come out of the locker room after being down 25 points and still have the will to win. But Ellison did.

Leading an offense that scores 28 unanswered points is also a hard thing to do. And it’s even harder to do with a new coach, new conference and a new offense. Not to mention, you’re facing a team that is one of the members in the power 5 conferences.

The first half for the Eagles was slightly disappointing after Georgia Tech was able to jump out to a 35-10 lead. It looked like it was going to be a long day for Ga. Southern fans who traveled to Atlanta or were watching on the Atlantic Coast Conference Network

However, after some half-time discussion and changes in the locker room, Ellison came out and was able to run for 102 of his 107 total yards. He was also able to stay almost perfect completing 7 of his 8 second half passes for 164 yards.

During the second half, everything seemed to go Ga. Southern’s way. Especially during the third quarter which is where most of the Eagle’s scoring took place.

Ellison started it off with a 32 yard touchdown run on fourth and one. He then finished the quarter by sending a 68 yard touchdown pass to BJ Johnson making it 21 unanswered points.

During the third quarter alone, Ga. Southern was able to put up 228 total yards with Ellison responsible for 205 of that total; 77 rushing and 128 passing.

Surprisingly, this was not his career best in regards to passing yards. This might have been his most impressive, but it still ranked second highest for his career thus far. In addition, Ellison was able to add another game with 100 yards rushing and passing to his resume on Saturday making it a total of four.

Ellison has only seen three games as an FBS quarterback, none of which were conference games, and he has already made his mark. Eagle Nation waits in anticipation to see how he performs during the first conference game against South Alabama this Saturday in Mobile, Ala.