New Year, New You: Making This Semester Better Than The Last

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With a new year and new semester, hopefully, we are also welcoming a new us (or at least the improved us). As traditions continue, a lot of us go into the new year with expectations, goals or ideas on how we will work to be better versions of ourselves. This could mean learning to spend our money more wisely, practicing the art of self-love or, like a lot of us here at Georgia Southern, working towards being better students. Here are three tips to ensure a better year!

Develop better study habits

During that scary transition to college, it becomes obvious that you can’t use the same study habits and expect the same results that you use throughout high school. The college curriculum is much tougher and requires going about studying in a new way. It is suggested that we study for about 2-3 hours outside of the classroom for each hour in class. This is, unfortunately, a bit unrealistic.

A better option is using visuals such as graphs, flowcharts or props.

Lauren Murtha, a freshman and exercise science pre-nursing major, said she often uses flashcards as they help with “repetition and memory.”

Remember, work smarter, not harder

Seek tutoring

Making good grades is a big part of being successful in college. Struggling in our classes can take a huge toll on us mentally and are often what leads to college dropouts.

Tutoring is a great way to ensure better grades and understanding and the Academic Success Center (ASC) is perfect for that. Georgia Southern’s ASC is located in our very own Henderson Library on the first floor. The ASC has peer tutors available eager to assist you on a multitude of subjects.

Bella Obidike, an ASC tutor, said it’s important for students to come in knowing what areas they have problems in.

Obidike also added, “I suggest using Khan Academy and youtube videos…it’s easier because some use games.”

The tutoring center accepts walk-ins and is also open for appointments. In addition, they are designed to help those who are first-generation students and adult learners. If you do nothing else new this semester, please utilize this important tool!

Try new things

College is a new experience in itself, but to truly make the best out of it, it is important you go out and try something you’d never done before. This could be an activity you’ve heard of or always wanted to try.

Joining clubs that satisfy your interest, developing your niche and finding where you fit in can be incredible.

“[Joining clubs] helped me meet new people because I don’t talk to people a lot,” said Haylie Holmes, a freshman and exercise science major.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and trying one new form of entertainment can lead to a world of opportunities. It is important to first allow yourself to take that extra step.