Summer flings are a good thing

Curington is a writing and linguistics major from Warner Robins, Ga.

Jennifer Curington

Summer always means half-naked bodies splashing around in the water, mostly drunk, and everyone trying to find that night’s party. Love is in the air, and so are erections.

This is the season to try out flings and to test already existing relationships.

Summer flings are healthy and should not be judged. Day trips to the beach and summer nights in the sand are more fun when you have a cutie to curl up next to. There’s no shame in your game if you’re just looking for a summer sidekick that you can also make out with!

Some flings may end up blossoming into something you didn’t bank on because you didn’t put pressure on the relationship to be “the one” like some may tend to do. My summer fling four years ago has been my boyfriend ever since and in a month he will be my husband.

For those of you committed folks, if your partner breaks up with you over the summer, don’t fall for them again when August rolls around. The break up isn’t a rough spot, it’s a chance for your now ex-partner to taste the other flavors available at the ice cream shop. Don’t forget that when he or she comes back from a summer of vacation looking like a bronzed model.

But most of all, remember to spend these sweltering hot days with friends, because they’re the ones that will also be there for you. Don’t let your summers in Statesboro go to waste, because graduation comes sooner than you think and then you’re an Eagle that’s flying the nest.