SGA executive election results

Lauren Gorla

Azell Francis has been elected Student Government Association Executive President.

Ellen Hogan has been elected SGA Executive Vice President.

Errol Spence has been elected SGA Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Since no one candidate won over 50 percent of the student vote, a runoff election will occur for the position of Executive Vice President of Auxiliary Affairs between Charles Glover and Cliff Padgett and Executive Vice President of Finance between Kaitlin Kidwell and Will McKinney.

The largest number of students who voted was for the Vice President of Auxiliary Affairs, totaling 2,516 votes.

The run-off election will take place next Tuesday through Thursday on WINGS.

The following students have been elected to serve within each college of Student Government Association as senators.

College of Science and Mathematics

Teyaijah Givens

Jeery Jones

Mitchell Castanet

Rachel Metz

Matthew Boles

College of Graduate Studies

Willie Burden Jr.

College of Business Administration

Kayla Wilkinson

Jacoby Carpenter

Adam Clay

Breanna Jones

Emily Grosshans

College of Education

Jessica Bearden

Makenzie Simons

Quentin Ladson

Hope Largent

Carrie West


Abigail Orsmby

DiArron Morrison

Keaton Roberson

Kailyn Simmons

Andrew Boatwright

College of Engineering and Information Technology

Cooper Largent

Jonathan Chiza

Tracy Lynch III

Sam Chambers

College of Health and Human Sciences

Lauren Danial

Daquan Stephenson

Hanson Filson

DeMicha Luster

Taryn Connelly

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Allison Myers

Jackie Sansom

Kyle Wray

Morgan Thomas

Caleb Rogers