Professors Were Once College Students Too: Nick Radko

Meagan Greene

Sometimes when sitting in class it can be hard to imagine your professors as a regular college student. To us they are our teachers that are all grown up and maybe don’t always understand why we come in late or didn’t get that assignment in on time, but just remember that before having their master’s degrees they were once just like the rest of us.
Calling on Professor Nick Radko a Geology Lecturer at Georgia Southern University he completed his Undergraduate degree at the University of Virginia in 2008 and obtained a Graduate degree from the University of Georgia in 2011. Radko had some pretty traditional college stories about his time as a student.

Brandon Warnok | Student Media
Brandon Warnok | Student Media

Q: So do you spread yourself two different ways when it comes to UVA and UGA?
A: “Yeah I mean for sports and stuff I follow both, people have asked me if Georgia were to play Virginia who would you root for? I say Virginia, I spent more time there.”
Q: Did you know what you wanted to teach before you started at Virginia?
A: “I considered teaching for a very long time, both my parents were teachers. I understood the job from my folks and liked that they had the summers off. I was a teaching assistant in Grad school and I loved that so I rolled with it.”
Q: Which college was a more fun experience?
“When I was at Georgia I always thought it would be more fun to be a undergrad at UGA. Not to say I didn’t have a great time at both but Charlottesville is, I don’t want to say more classy but I think I would’ve appreciated it more in my mid twenties.”
Q: Do you have any stories specific about Virginia?
A: “Sophomore through senior year I worked at a really famous pizza restaurant it was called the best pizza in the world by National Geographic this little hippie joint 20 minutes outside of town in the mountains it was really neat because it was removed from the university population so I got to know more local people and it was a welcome break from the Virginia scene.”
A: “The end of the semester classes had ended, this is when Nintendo Wii came out, they were releasing it right before Christmas, my roommate and I were in Best Buy and they had a sign up that they were going to realize the next morning when they opened ten Wii’s, we saw that and we were done with classes, this is a hot item why don’t we go wait in line and sell them on Ebay.
We go back to the apartment and get chairs, huddle up go to KFC get a bucket, get a 12 pack of beer a frizzy football, life is good. Slowly but surely just after 5 o’clock parents come after work, by the next morning 60-70 adults that really just want a Wii for their kids, they do not want to be there. We’re getting a little drunk at this point our friends are coming to visit us, we sat in the line got our Wii’s in the morning and all the adults were pretty mad but we had a great time.”
Brandon Warnok | Student Media
Brandon Warnok | Student Media

Q: Do you have any game day stories?
A: For UVA there was a tradition that when we played Virginia Tech, for the seniors that we call fourth years that you are supposed to drink a certain amount prior to the Virginia Tech game and the school always made it a noon game. Basically the school thought that the students wouldn’t be able to get drink all that alcohol before noon, but we would go at midnight before and get this monumental drinking task done. By 6 in the morning we are pretty well off, it’s cold- late November, we decide we need some heat so we spilled this huge fire in the front yard.
We get the munchies, as you call them, and go to the gas station, get some hot dogs start roasting hot dogs over painted wood with terrible chemicals but we maintained and we finished the allotment of traditional liquor. The game was a good time, I was yelling a lot, but we lost.