The Q&D April 16, 2015

By Kat Shuman and Michelle Pratt

Baby River at Her First Hockey Game

Kelly Clarkson’s ten-month-old daughter, River, went to her first hockey game yesterday. She watched the Nashville Predators vs. Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Playoffs game in Nashville. She sported an adorable Predators Jersey with a pink hoodie to keep her warm. See the cute pictures at E!News.

Who Made Time’s Top 100 List?

Time Magazine releases an annual list of the top 100 people they believe were the most influential people of that year. This year, names such as Taylor Swift and Pope Francis made the list. As well as everyone’s favorite couple: Kimye. Read more about who’s on the list a E!News.

Clinton Goes to Chipotle

Sure, Hillary Clinton’s announcement that she will be running for President is a big deal, but her trip to Chipotle during her cross-country campaign road trip is a big deal also. Over a dozen news stations covered Clinton’s lunch, (she had a burrito bowl by the way), when she stopped in Ohio earlier this week. To read more about thus riveting news, read the whole story at E!News.

Kenan Thompson reported called Bill Cosby a “monster.”

Thompson who is a Saturday Night Live cast member is known for impersonating Cosby often on the show.
He is now speaking out for the first time since the sexual assault allegations have been brought to the public eye on Cosby.
According to The Pitt News , the University of Pittsburgh’s student paper, during a stand up performance held by Thompson on Monday, the comedian said Cosby has turned into a “monster.”
The comedian then went on to recall an incident on the Cosby produced film Fat Albert, saying, “Cosby pulled me aside and said that after the movie comes out, it’ll be so hard to keep the women off you, you’ll need two d****.”
It’s seems like Cosby is in the hot seat again, since Thompson has spoken out.

HBO is on trial for alleged “Hoax”

Acoording to Buzzfeed a defamation trial has began in federal court in New York City after a lawsuit was filed against HBO alleging that the network “fabricated” a story on child labor in India.
The story in question aired on the network’s Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel.
The plaintiff, Mitre Sports International, a soccer ball and equipment manufacturers claim that HBO falsely depicted young Indian children hand stitching Mitre balls, airing in 2008.
The lawsuit claims that HBO hired children to appear on camera and the report was a “hoax.” Mitre claims it has interviewed multiple children shown on camera ad they admitted to the producers of HBO paying them.
HBO plans to fight the case by showing the jury that they did not make any claims about Mitre’s operations in the 2008 documentary.

Amber Rose Opens Up About Previous Stripper Life

Amber Rose, ex-wife of Wiz Khalifa, has always been open about her life, and is no different when it comes to her past as a stripper.
The model has always been comfortable showing off her body, from her scandalous red carpet ensembles to her nearly naked Instagram photos. Rose has never let any criticism of her choices get to her.
Rose recently went of record saying “Listen, I don’t have any sob stories about me dancing – I had the time of my life.”